Monday, February 19, 2007

Master Plan - About the power of Google

Here is an interesting video about Google business strategy and its impact on user's privacy.
The directors are Ozan Halici & Jürgen Mayer, two students from Ulm University Germany, they realized this project for their degree thesis.
For more information please refer to the directors website
To view the video on its Youtube original page click on the following screenshot out of the play button.


Charlie said...

Hey Peve, your blog is becoming almost as up-to-date as giowind's!

Glad you are testing all these Web2.0 features on your blog...i'm only sorry not to be able to enjoy your FM radio-station, becuase of my connection.

See u soon!

Apevere said...

Hi Charlie, thank you for being visiting here.
Actually I continuously forget the digital divide related problems.
Hope you'll soon be able to listen to your own radio stream.

See u soon!


l'ale said...

peve!! la velocità con cui aggiornavi il blog recentemente mi aveva portato a salvare il tuo rss..

sono un illuso!!!

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